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With the help of chapters across the country, the AIGA community is activating our Women Lead goals—to celebrate, cultivate, and connect —locally as well as nationally. Our events include a wide range and diverse group of women working in design who come together to share knowledge and networks. We will have food and drinks throughout the evening. November 28, AIGA San Francisco Prototyping Gender Equity Fuseproject is pleased to host a panel discussion that poses questions related to the current professional climate, particularly as it relates to women pursuing a career in the field of design. What are some of the implicit boundaries? In the midst of ongoing progress, how are new paths forged, what are the rules still in place, and which have yet to be established? And how do we find the right balance between our professional and personal lives? We will tackle these questions and more, related to inclusive design, intersectionality and generational perspectives.

We’re professionals who teach from experience, not from books.

Remaining relevant as a creative professional takes more than creativity—you need to understand the language of business. Creative Strategy and the Business of Design fills that void and teaches left-brain business skills to right-brain creative thinkers. You can think of this as the crash course in business and marketing for creatives. You can use these assignments to flex your new, strategy-based creative solutions to refresh your portfolio.

AIGA Colorado was asked to bring Bordo Bello to NYC to showcase the past five If you are ready to elevate yourself, complete the mentor matchmaker survey.

National Novel Writing Month is a c 3 nonprofit that believes your story matters. Welcome to our blog! We’re so glad you’re here. Every November, during National Novel Writing Month, thirty professional designers volunteer to create book cover art inspired by novels being written by aspiring authors from around the globe. To encourage new, diverse voices, and help build a more creative world. Wrimos: submit your synopses for 30C30D here.

A romance novel being written this November by Meaghan Rae. In a world of soulmates, Felicity Dawson meets hers. She knows she is meant to spend her life with Doug Peterson—and she plans to. But then she meets Reid Burnett. Jenny Price is a designer, strategist, educator. She currently is a design facilitation leader and mentor, guiding higher education teams through discussions and strategies for enhancing community engagement and experiences.

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Welcome to the tumblog for AIGA Jacksonville, the professional association for design in Jacksonville, and a cool little place to capture little design nuggets. With 14 venues and nearly 50 artists, onlookers and art-walkers really got to enjoy quite a variety of artwork at our stations. All proceeds from the work went to our Discover Design high school mentoring program which was suiting, as local students were out and about examining work that they liked, and some were even required to have their favorite artists sign a worksheet for an in-class assignment.

Overall, the night went off with amazing work thanks to our atomic-sketchers! We hope to see you out at our next Atomic Sketch event, so stay tuned and look out for more bomb work! Mapping our minds at the second session of DiscoverDesign!

AIGA DFW Mentor Matchmaking #8 Tickets, Thu, Apr 16, SALE. OFF. Free · AIGA DFW’s Mentor Matchmaking event is designed to connect you with.

Graphic design Professor Candice Lopez parlays her vast experience to connect students to careers during and after City College. Photo credit: Christopher Handloser. Edwin Rendon February 27, It was during this time as a young art director where the itch to teach needed to be scratched and thus began a new phase. The professor, who leads the Graphic Design Department , encourages her students to tap into their own experiences to inform their work.

Last fall, they got the opportunity to work with principal designers at outside firms, who critiqued their first round of work, similar to what would happen in the real world. Urban Trail Project, founded by Lopez, paints murals on electrical boxes. Photo courtesy of AIGA. Lopez and her students plan to invite international designers and artists to the gallery, creating a renown, cutting-edge space. The artwork is very prestigious from a private collector; really valuable, beautiful pieces.

The opening of the gallery in November is the thing she is looking forward to most in the Centennial celebration. Courtesy photo. An avid traveler, Lopez has also taught from Mexico to Spain and advocates exploring other cultures. Her family includes her husband, Rafael Lopez, a renown graphic artist, and year-old son, who is already garnering international recognition.

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Emphasis: Graphic Design B. Emphasis: Advertising Design. Oversee RTP process, curriculum, technology, assessment and assist the Dean. Responsibilities include hiring, mentoring and reviewing faculty; overseeing curriculum, budget, faculty development; scheduling over courses each semester; resolving student issues; working with other department chairs and with the dean of the School of the Arts.

Consultant, —present Jim has worked as a design consultant for many companies, specializing in web site architecture and design. KHG was a full service agency, offering everything from media placement to web design.

AIGA DFW Virtual Mentor Matchmaking, Zoom Conference!, Dallas, United States​. Thu Apr 16 at pm, Every designer needs a.

As a recent graduate, I went on Linkedin to seek career advice and mentorship. Therefore, I invited my friend as well as a product designer, Fangzheng Zhu, to start this 4-week exploration with me. Examining the feature through the lenses of desirability, viability, and feasibility, we started with questions like: Are we solving the right pain point? Are we strengthen the foundation of the company and the competitive advantage of the business? Are we contributing to long-term growth?

Besides, based on the strong connection analysis ability Linkedin already have, implicit and explicit user input through mentorship feature can be fed to machine learning with more nuances. Hari Srinivasan, vice President of Product Management. Therefore, what comes after high-quality matchmaking? What else support are users looking for?

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After you register, you’ll receive an email asking you to select your preferred mentors based on their experience profiles. If both you and a potential mentor feel like a perfect match, AIGA DFW will facilitate an exchange of direct contact information after the event so that you can keep in touch. This is a popular event, and tickets are extremely limited, so sign up now!

Vlad Bravl. k. Platform for mentors · Vladislava Melnik Anastasia Solina. k. Competitive matchmaking platform for gamers. Multiple Owners.

Antionette D. Carroll is the Founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab , a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers and challenges community members to develop solutions addressing personal and structural racism. Throughout her career, Antionette has worked for social justice, human rights, and diversity and inclusion nonprofits – with her last position being head of communications for Diversity Awareness Partnership. With her encouragement, AIGA created the first Racial Justice by Design program, with Antionette co-organizing and assuming the role of online producer for the national Town Hall in Antionette also sits on several awards and programming committees for local and national non-profits, including the steering committee for The City of St.

Alexa is a leading expert on subculture and innovation from unlikely places. Alexa works to create bridges and opportunities for misfit subcultures within the formal economy. She is the Founder of Wisdom Hackers, an incubator for philosophical inquiry. And the Co-Founder of the League of Intrapreneurs, a movement to create change from within incumbent systems and big organizations.

Redesigning Linkedin’s mentorship feature — a UX case study

You’ll prepare for life after PNCA with many opportunities to network in Portland’s rich design community and take on professional projects to build your portfolio. Raised in Germany, Janine Pracht is world traveler who is also a designer, product manager, and illustrator. She is currently working at Phase2 Technology as an associate product manager and designer.

Now they run a creative freelancers hub and design matchmaking agency. Clients who engage C4D to execute design projects fund production costs and the students receive a portfolio filled with actual design work and a working client list.

This week I attended a Mentor Matchmaking event with AIGA [ a professional association for design ]. Two of the mentors I spoke with totally “got” where I was​.

The never-ending struggle between my so-called practicality and adventure-hungry spirit was brought to the forefront a lot this week with conversations about career next steps, how to find your passions, random entrepreneur ideas and even this blog post by A Cup of Jo aptly called… Success. But why not me? I highly subscribe to the idea that success means different things to different people. Now I just need to figure out what that means to me.

My one year anniversary is almost here! I always thought I would like New York, but nothing prepared me for how infectious the unique combination of nostalgia, success and so much more would be. That city just has momentum, you know? But when I left New York, I truly felt a twinge of sadness. Okay fine, at that immediate moment making my way towards the airport I felt exhausted and possibly just a tad hungover from one of the best weeks of my life.

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The program kicks off in the fall and gives professionals the chance to make a difference in the life of an ambitious young artist. We are accepting applications for the school year. The application deadline has been extended to Wednesday August 29th.

She currently is a design facilitation leader and mentor, guiding Jenny serves as President for AIGA Minnesota, advocating for the betterment of design profession. We’re hosting a matchmaking tweet chat for writers today!

As a progressive designer and strategist, Alexander fights a short attention span by pursuing an interest in a variety of facets within the industry. As a strategist, Alex has had the chance to work on the social media side of some esteemed and influential brands, such as Vitiman Water, Powerade and the Twilight Saga — Eclipse. As a designer, he has worked on both the corporate and small business side; helping many small companies articulate a digital voice.

Alex has been involved with AIGA for the past seven years. She also enjoys helping to direct the creative and strategic launch of many Lansing-based entrepreneurs and probono clients such as the Michigan Audubon Society. She has been in the field of graphic design and marketing for 15 years. Antoine joined Media Genesis in , became a managing partner in and President in

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Your registration constitutes permission to use photos, audio and video recording taken of you at the event for promotional and educational purposes in connection with AIGA, corresponding publications, archives, and online. Ticket rates are based on AIGA membership status at the time of registration. AIGA Memberships are non-transferable. NOTE: Times like these demand responsibility, but also some creativity!

We are working quickly to turn this into an engaging online event.

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School prepares you to make create great things, but who prepares you to have a great career? How do you achieve mastery if you practice alone? Do you understand your options and how to leverage them? A mentor is one of the most valuable professional relationships you can cultivate. Mentor Matchmaking is designed to help you meet the mentor of your dreams. Your potential mentors will chat for 15 minutes about issues that plague your creative career, and ideas for enhancing it.

If both you and a potential mentor agree that the conversation went well, AIGA DFW will facilitate trading direct contact information for the future. To join this 7th edition of our popular Mentor Matchmaking event, please purchase your ticket today, as this event always sells out. Come with your most pressing problems and quandaries but leave the portfolio at home.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided.

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It appears as though Rohden and del Potro may have reignited their romance after his split fromJimena Baron but the two havent shared any photos on social media nor have they confirmed their relationship in any other way. Its not that unlike the South African expression now now which means any time from now till tomorrow. He will hold doors for you not because he thinks you are an inferior creature but because its tradition.

Keep talking straight and he will either get the hint or leave. The Argentinians arent afraid to make contact. There arent many recent photos of her to compare to how she looks now so seeing her on television or in still photos may be confusing.

Mentoring is a rewarding way to get involved with AIGA; meet fellow and communicate with one another during Venue-Creator Matchmaking.

Mariana Prieto is a social innovator in the purest sense of the term. I hope that people respond to my voice and thinking in my work. Can students from design schools try to come up with ideas to help address homelessness in the city? The results were recently unveiled at the Main Museum downtown. The three full-scale prototypes and a number of miniature models were the work of students completing a two-term studio project with James Meraz, a professor of environmental design at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.

They said the goal is to address some of the most common misconceptions about immigration. As officials scramble to approve sites for the others, students at the ArtCenter College of Design have been rethinking how future pop-up developments might look. A reusable personal urinal allowing women and girls living in refugee camps to relieve themselves within the safety and comfort of their own shelter at night, when the threat of rape makes going to the communal latrines too dangerous.

At camps where late-night bathroom visits can expose women and girls to the risk of sexual assault, this new toilet makes it possible to go without going outside. Charlie Hodges is no stranger to thriving under pressure.

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